About us

Many years ago, we found our home in the Karkonosze Mountains. We have settled here; we have loved the mountains, and as time went by, we have been discovering their beauty and diversity. We have learned about the trails, bicycle and ski routes, as well as other beautiful places on the Polish and Czech side of the Karkonosze Mountains.

Sometimes we forget that Poland is a beautiful country, diverse and perfect for enjoying holidays or even a short break. Our mountains are marvelous at any time of the year.

Thus, the idea of creating Śnieżka Exclusive was born, a charming beauty spot at the foot of Śnieżka. A place surrounded by lush greenery, peaceful and quiet, created from our dreams, the love for people, nature, and luxury. There is no other place where spring, although usually slightly late, greets the world in such lush green, where summer sharpens the senses with the smell of foothill mornings, autumn prompts reflection in a thousand colors, and winter enchants with fairytale views.

By choosing this location, we wanted our apartments to offer an unforgettable landscape experience, proximity to the attractions of Karkonosze Mt, and at the same time, a feeling that this corner is exclusively for you and your loved ones.

Each of our guests is unique to us. We create for you this exclusive place with a large garden and space to relax. Your peace, comfort and safety are the most important for us. Thanks to your presence, we hope to develop our resort for luxurious relaxation and communing with nature at the foot of Śnieżka.

You are unique to us, have some rest in luxury!